Sunday, April 25, 2010

Specially Handmade by Louise

My grandmother, Louise (Meme, to us), handmade these dresses for my cousin Lisa and I. What a wonderful thing to see my own two little ones in them this past Sunday. My mom did a wonderful job of preserving them through the years. They even have a little tag in the back that says "Specially Handmade by Louise." I'm glad that they have grandmothers and great grandmothers that can sew, so as hopefully to spur them on towards learning the craft one day. Their mom can sew a button and a boy scout patch, but there certainly won't be any "Specially Handmade by Laura" tags anytime soon. Thank you Meme, for making these with love!

Hi Ho the Merry O'

My husband took our three kids camping. By himself.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Breakdown

Over Spring Break we took the kids down to the Lynn Meadows Discovery Museum on the coast. I had to pay Porter a dollar to pose for this picture, but I find that it is well worth it.

For Easter, we enjoyed a great visit with Brice's mom and step dad Mike.We managed to get a family picture while enjoying lunch with some friends after church. Lizzie must have been suffering a mild heat stroke from the 85 degree South Mississippi spring weather.

We took the obligatory picture with a bunny on Easter, and we are now fending off the "but I would take really good care of a bunny if I had one like Ramsay has one and I would clean its cage every day" routine.

Happy Easter from the Youngs. May the sickness in our tummies over all that candy never dull our longing for the sweetness of our Savior who is risen indeed!