Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pinewood Derby

As we've been watching the Olympics this week we've been laughing as the commentators have said things like, "ever since she was a seven year old girl she's been dreaming of winning a gold medal in the women's half pipe." Really? Who dreams of being a professional snowboarder when they're seven? But, when Porter woke up this morning, his first words were, "I've been waiting for this day." So... we may have a professional mechanic on our hands.... or at the very least, a really great boy scout den leader like his dad. Derby Day has come and gone, and all the boys hard work paid off. Po's car ended up placing 4th out of 12, which was just shy of getting a trophy. But... we were proud. Ben, Porter, Seth
Po and his wedge car... he got caught up in the Olympic Spirit and named it "USA."

Kite Flyin

with the kids on a windy January day. Fun.

We are Living in a Material World....

and I am a (30 year old) material girl. My cousin Erin and I got to celebrate our 30th in style... we were born just a few weeks apart in January of 1980.... so it seemed only natural for our respective spouses to throw us a rockin' 80's bash. We sang karaoke....we drank Bartles and James. Thanks Brice and Blair for the awesome party!