Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Riley Stuff

Sometimes it seems like one of the kids has more stuff going on than the other two. Riley has definitely had a lot going on lately. She and Lizzie danced in their ballet recital,

and she enjoyed bubble day,

and graduated from Kindergarden.

I'm proud of her. And we continue to be amazed at God's provision as we look back on another school year at PCS. He has truly shown Himself to be the kind of Father who loves to shower His children with good gifts. To say that I am grateful sounds a bit trite. But I am grateful.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Po had a birthday

and he got Star Wars sheets. We've worried that he wouldn't get any sleep because he loves to do just about what is pictured above. He even asked Poppy if he wouldn't mind sleeping on top of the sheets. He had fun throwing the ball with said Poppy when he and KK came to celebrate the Po turning 8.

He enjoyed relishing in the sugar high that came after I brought doughnuts to his class. We are overwhelmed with thankfulness for the young guy he's becoming.