Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Got A Bobcat!

Porter joined cub scouts this year. Last night he recieved his first patch, Bobcat. Unfortunately, they don't turn the boys upside down to pin it on like when I was a kid.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Little Less Conversation....

Sometimes it's all you can do to just keep on keeping on when times are tough. With the death of a very close friend recently, I've not taken the time to document too many of the fun, every day moments that our family has been having. My tendency has always been to bury myself in busyness when things are sad, bad, or just plain depressing. How comforting that God gives us our own little refuges to hide in when we just can't deal with talking about the sad things. Our kids have to keep going to soccer practices, scout meetings and ballet, and the world can't stop just because I'm sad. What a relief!

The kids had a great opening day of soccer! Somehow, both of their teams ended up being called "The Cheetahs." Riley's team came up with that name, and Porter thought it was cool enough to suggest to his coach.
I guess Cheetahs aren't really gender specific.