Friday, September 3, 2010

School is in session

for all of us, this year. I'm enjoying working at the school and having fun with two particular students, who still think it's fun to see their mom at school.
Below, Porter (pre eye exam) and Riley on their first day of second and first grades:
Po, post eye-exam, marveling at how different the world looks: And the youngest Youngin' on her first day of preschool with her proud sibs:

We're excited and blessed at the start of a busy year.


In Definition said...

laura. if you think jude is cute...i really take it as a compliment. your kids are ADORABLE! we are in memphis for a few months before heading to africa. if you're ever up for a visit and have a spare morning(which i'm sure is rare), let me know!

Hannah said...

These photos are so cute, Laura... I didn't know you were teaching at PCS! That's so cool- what grade and/or subject do you teach?

Anonymous said...

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